How to Use


1. Pick A Page

Navigate to the page you would like to send as an email

Content for your newsletter should be short and to the point. If you have a lot to say, link back to web pages that contain the longer story. Because of this, you should consider making a brand new page for your Newsletter.

Email readers are not web browsers, and some content will not render correctly from the In-Box.
When putting together the perfect Email Marketing page, be sure you do not include:
• Video Elements
• YouTube Elements
• Image Sliders using the Gallery Element
• Form Elements

2. Select the Correct Template

To send a page as an Email, it needs to use a special template. Every design provided by LiveEdit has one, simply called "Email Marketing".

Email programs have different requirements than web browsers, and Email Marketing templates are crafted to look their very best in your recipient's email boxes.

If the template associated with your page is not Email marketing friendly, you will receive a warning in the Email marketing tab, and you will need to switch to a proper template before you continue.

If you are using an existing page on your site, remember that switching the template or editing the content will affect all viewers of the page. It might be a good idea to make a copy of the page to make changes.

To switch your template:

1. Click on the Design button in the LiveEdit bar.

2. From the Design tab, choose My Designs in the side menu, then select the Email marketing template.

3. Be sure to Apply the template to this page, or you will not be able to send your email message!

3. Configure Email Marketing

Navigate to the page you would like to send as an email and click on the E-Blast icon in the LiveEdit bar.



If this is your first time using Email Marketing, you will be asked to complete your Email Marketing settings. You can change these at any time from the Advanced tab.

Why do we ask for your mailing address?

Due to the CAN-SPAM act of 2003, you are required to provide your physical postage address in
every commercial electronic communication. We encourage you to learn more about this act and what it means to you.

4. Create an Email Marketing List

The final step before you can send an Email marketing message is to create a List with at least one email address.

To create a list:

1. Choose the Email Lists tab.

Email List View

2. Enter a name for your new list, and click the Add List button.

How to add a Member to a List

1. After you have created a List (above), click the name of the List to manage it's emails.


Note: when creating the an e-mail list for the first time, it will automatically take you to the E-mail list page.

Email List View

2. Clicking on the Edit button with the email list brings you to an editable E-mail list page.

  • Inputting an email in the email text box and clicking "Add To List" brings you to number 3. There you can fill out the members attributes.
  • There is also a tabular list of emails which belong to the email list. Each email can be edited or deleted by clicking on the corresponding button.


3. Use the Add Member button to initiate the creation of a new Member for the list.


An email address is required for each member; all other information is optional.

3a. Another way of building out an e-mail list is by importing a CSV file. Please visit the FAQ to learn how to upload the CSV file and the proper format.

4. Use the Save button, and the member will be added to your List.

5. Send Your Email Blast!

Once you have entered in your account information, applied an Email Marketing template to your page, and have a List with one valid email address, you are ready to send your message!


1. Enter information for your Campaign



Campaign Name: Name the email, for your reference
Subject: The subject line that will appear on your email.
From Name: Who the email is coming from. Enter your business or personal name here.
From Email: The email address

2. Choose an Email List

Check the Email Lists you would like to send. You can choose as many lists as you want to receive your message.

3. Send a Test Email
Enter a single email address you would like to receive a test email.

Depending on server load, it may take several minutes for your email messages to be sent.

4. Send your Final Email

After sending your test email, the Send E-Blast button will appear. Pressing this button will send your email to the Lists selected on the right. Please double check that you have the correct lists selected.


You're done! Remember, depending on server load, it may take several minutes to receive your emails.