The commenting section allows you to manage readers’ comments.

  • Comment Section Header: The default language is “Comments,” but you could also modify this field to say whatever you think is most appropriate for your audience. Here’s a perky version: “Leave a comment! We’d love to hear from you!” And here’s a jaded version: “Whatever. Leave a comment if it’ll make you feel better.” The choice is yours!
  • Allow Anonymous: The default is “No.” Change this setting to “Yes” only if you want to allow people to post comments anonymously to your blog.
  • Captcha/Word Verification: The default is set to “Yes” to include a Captcha/word verification on all comments.
  • Comment Moderation: The default is “No.” If you select “Yes,” you must read, review and approve comments before they will publish to your blog.

Captcha codes are commonly used to prevent unwanted Internet crawlers and automated spammers from accessing a site.