Sometimes, you may want to add a Sub Menu, sometimes known as a drop-down menu, to an existing menu on your site.

In this example, we will create a Sub Menu called "Dropdown Items" and place it in our default menu.

  1. Open the Pages window. If you have not done so yet, create a New Menu to hold the items that will appear in your Sub Menu. For this example, let's title this new Menu "Dropdown Items".

  2. Drag the pages you would like to appear in the Sub Menu to the new "Dropdown Items" Menu.

    Great! Now you're ready to add this new Sub Menu to your Default Menu. We'll do this using the "Sub Menu" Content Item type.

  3. a. Click the Add Item button, and set the Type pulldown to "Sub Menu".

    b. In the Menu pulldown, select the menu you want to display as a Sub Menu - in the case of our example, choose "Dropdown Items".

    c. Finally, in the Menu Location pulldown, choose the Menu you want to place the Sub Menu into. For our example, choose "default" and click the "Create Sub Menu" button.

  4. Close the Pages Dialog, and refresh your window. You should now see the Sub Menu included in your Default Menu.