I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Carrie for many years.  She is always my go-to for any random health/wellness questions.  She has always been more then a doctor, but also a friend.  As a wise lady once told me, "It's not a contest, but she totally wins!"  My mother got very sick and Dr. Carrie was a shoulder to lean on as well as a source for information.  I am truly thankful for you.  When my mother was reaching her end stages I contacted Dr. Carrie for help.  I had a voicemail from my mom and wanted to find a way to turn her voice saying "I love you" into  a visual sound wave.  She put me in contact with the guys from Elite Media Design.  They were amazing and were able to do just that as well as send me an email with the same information.  I was so thankful for their help.  Sadly, my mother passed away a week after meeting them.  I regret that this testimonial comes 9 months later then it should, but I hope that they understand and my story gets better.  So I have had that voicemail on my phone and have been able to play it over and again throughout my grieving stages.  It was such a comfort to know that I had it.  Unfortunately I did the one thing we fear most, I washed my phone!  (insert angry words here!)  It was a lost cause.  Her voice, gone.  It took me a few days of panic to return to my email and pull up the links that they had sent me so many months ago.  Instant tears.  I was able to hear her voicemail while watching a video of the two best guys recording it for me.  I could never begin to thank them for what that meant to me to still have that.  Though we only spent a brief few moments together, I wanted to say thank you for what those moments meant to me then and now.  A few moments is nothing, it was just another Monday, but what they gave me was so much more then I would have imagined.  I believe it's moments like this that makes us do what we do.  For the moments that impact.  I wanted Dr. Carrie and the guys from Elite Media to know how thankful I am, and to know that they have made an impact.  It may be small in the grand scheme of things, but it made all the difference in the world to be able to hear her voice again.  Great job guys!!!
Again, Thank you so much!
Kelly Ross