Every Aurora website comes with basic search engine optimization using customer-provided content. Your designer/project manager will complete the metadata fields for each page on your site by extracting information from your content.

If you want to really polish your metadata content, provide your designer/project manager with some well-thought content specifically created for these fields:


Title: The Title field is what displays as your headline on a search engine return page. LiveEdit uses the following convention:

Page Name | Business Name | Geographic Place Name

You have between 60-70 characters with spaces before the search engines truncate (...) your Title field.

Description: The Description field is what displays under the Title on a search engine return page. It tells readers what they'll get if they click through to the page. This is the equivalent of your advertising copy for your page, so use it well. Search engines give you roughly 160 characters with spaces for your page description.

Keywords: The Keywords field complements your Title and Description fields, so spend some time identifying 10-20 keywords/phrases that describe your content.