Store order history

 This is a tabular list of orders.  To finalize the orders, you need to need to click the "Bill" link.  Previous to this the credit card is pre-authorized through  Once the billing process completes, the status will change to "billed" from "ordered".

*Note: The part that is blanked out is the domain name of your website.


Just a quick mention, there is a very nice filtering feature as a part of the order history.  Looking on the far right is a filter button.  You can filter anything from the table, except Items and Order Total.

Filter Options

filtering operators

The power with the filter comes from the dropdown that has the first option of the "=" sign.  The checkmark signifies which operator is being used.  

*Note: != is the same as not equal.  Also, Between and not between will provide two text boxes for the relevant fields.