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To begin, you will need a Login ID and Transaction Key from If you do not know one or both of these, please follow these steps to retrieve them from LiveEdit does not have this information, and does not have access to your account.

  • API Login ID: One of two pieces of information necessary to connect your website to the payment gateway.
  • Transaction Key: The second piece of information necessary to connect your website to the payment gateway. offers a service called Customer Information Manager (CIM), which allows LiveEdit to store potentially sensitive payment information on their secure, PCI-compliant servers. LiveEdit Store users must subscribe to this service.

In order for the store to accurately report the status of your orders, you must enable Transaction Details in your account settings.

b. Emails

  • Receipt From Email: The Email address the customer's receipt will appear to have come from.
  • Receipt From Name: The Name that the customer's receipt will appear to have come from.
  • Receipt To Email: The addresses listed here will receive a copy of any receipts sent by the LiveEdit Store. Multiple addresses can be entered in to this field; just separate them with commas!

Who gets an Email?
By default, LiveEdit will send a receipt to the emails address provided from the customer. will also send a receipt to the customer. LiveEdit receipts are much more detailed, so you may want to disable the receipts sends.

If you want to receive a copy of each order for your records, the email address in the "Receipt To Email" will receive a copy of any receipts generated from your LiveEdit Store.

c. Invoice/Shipping

  • Invoice No: The invoice number the system starts at. This is visible to the customer. For the same reason a check writer does not want to issue a check with a low number, you may want to start your invoices at 1000.
  • Shipping Calculation: Flat Shipping allows you to enter in minimum or per pound shipping rates. UPS Shipping connects to UPS and estimates a shipping cost.

Flat Shipping

  • Shipping Companies: The information in this field is used to create a pulldown menu that the customer can use to select a shipping preference during the checkout process.
  • Shipping Method: Options the customer has for their shipping method. Examples could be Ground, Second Day Air and Express.

You can add more shipping methods by choosing "Add Shipping Option" next to the Shipping Calculation dropdown.

  • Type: This field has no purpose as of the latest version of LiveEdit, and will be going away. Leave the selection as "Both"
  • Minimum Shipping: A minimum shipping cost per item.
  • Per Pound: A per-pound shipping fee based on the weight you entered for each product.

UPS Shipping

  • No further information is needed to calculate shipping based on information provided by UPS. However, each of your items much have a valid weight entered for

Shipping charges are cumulative! If you have a minimum Shipping cost, a Per Pound shipping cost, or a Handling Fee in your product setup, the customer will be charged all of these fees.

For instance, if you have a Minimum Shipping cost of $4.50 and a Per Pound cost of $5 on a one pound item, the shipping cost for your customer will be $9.50.