Discount Codes

The discount codes are currently in beta but the discount codes are of production quality.  This is a very powerful way to offer or entice a certain section of people to your product.

Discount Code List

 The discount codes are listed in tabular format and paginate after there are more than ten codes.  The real work is done when clicking on "New" or the name for editing an already existing code.

Discount Code

  • Display Name:  The display name will show after the customer enters the discount code. 
  • Code:  The code the customer needs to enter in order to get the code's benefit.
  • Active: Determines whether the customer can use the discount code.
    • *Note: if the customer enters an invalide code, it'll read: "code entered" is not a valid code.
  • Start Date: When the discount starts.
    • *Note: does not need to be entered for the discount code to take effect.
  • End Date: When the discount ends.
    • *Note: does not need to be entered for the discount code to function.
  • Discount Type: There are three choices you can choose from
    • Percent Off
    • Dollar Off
    • Free Shipping
  • Amount: Type in the percent if you chose a percent off in the discount type or if you selected the dollar off, enter a dollar amount.
    • *Note: this goes away if free shipping is selected
  • Limit: You can limit the amount of times the code is used.  When the limit hits zero the discount code will be effectively stopped.
  • Apply To: There are four choices in which you can limit the discount code too.  If you choose anything other than the Cart, a dropdown will appear.  Choose what you want the code to relate to by choosing the correct dropdown options.
  • Apply to (Area)
    • Cart: Any product in the cart can use this code.
    • Catalog: Any product in a catalog can use this code.
    • Category: Any product in a category can use this code. 
    • Product: The selected product in the dropdown can use this code.


Store Front Consumer View

Discount Code for the Consumer

Here is a terrific example of a potential consumer taking advantage of a discount code.  Enter the code in the corresponding input and click add.  Any applied codes will display below the discount code entry.  The total will autotmatically change according to the discount code.