As a final step, log into your LiveEdit site and go to "More" on the dashboard to manage your aliases.

1. Select "More" from the Aurora Dashboard.


2. Select "Account Info."


3. Select the "Manage Aliases" tab.

4. Add your preferred top-level domain ( and the www. version of your top-level domain ( Search engines recognize both versions of your site. By selecting one version as your primary, you are telling search engines which version is your go-to domain name. Now all inbound traffic to your preferred domain will point to your new site.

Note: Selecting a primary domain helps to concentrate your inbound traffic and is especially helpful if you're running Google Analytics or a Google or Bing Webmaster Tools Account. 

5. Select the edit icon to manage how your LiveEdit subdomains will appear to search engines. 

6. Set the robots.txt drop-down menu to "Deny All" for your LiveEdit subdomains (in this example, and Your robots.txt file is crawled by search engines and stored in their respective indexes. Setting the robots.txt file to "Deny All" for your LiveEdit subdomains ensures that search traffic is directed to your primary domain.