A domain name server (DNS) is the Internet's equivalent to a phone book. A domain name server maintains a directory of domain names and their matching Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. This information allows other computers to know where to go to find your website.

GoDaddy is one of a handful of Domain Name Server providers. Follow these instructions to point your preferred domain to your new Aurora site:


1. Login to your GoDaddy.com account.


2. Go to All Products > Domains and select Domain Management.


3. Select the checkbox next to your domain name to have it point to your new site on the LiveEdit server array.


4. Click on DNS Zone File.


5. Click the edit button.


6. In the row highlighted by the "@" symbol, click on the string of numbers.


7. Change the numbers to the LiveEdit Internet Protocol address:


8. Save your changes.

It could take up to 24 hours for the change to take effect once the domain name is pointing to the LiveEdit servers. As a final step, log into your LiveEdit site and go to "More" on the dashboard to manage your aliases.