To access the Google Anayltics service, login to Aurora and choose More from the toolbar at the top of the page.


Now navigate to Dashboard.


Select the Google analytics service from the services menu.

Google Location

 You'll be taken to the google service page.

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Google Analytics Page

Google anayltics offers a tremendous amount of feedback about how your viewers of the site use it.  This includes which pages they are going to, how many viewers your site has per day, unique visits and many other features which will tell you how your website is being used.  

To take advantage of these features you need to go to  In the upper right hand corner of the screen will be two links, one saying "Sign in" and the other "Create an Account".  If you have a google account using gmail or google drive or use google in any other capacity which needs a google acount, you can use the same account to sign in to google analytics.    

When in google analytics click, the admin button on the right and you'll be taken to the general admin page, which is the The Screen shot below.

Google Analytics Administration Screen

When in the Admin area, click the drop down in the middle column that has the header of "Property".  The drop down will initailly list your UserName.  In the drop down you'll see a "Create New Property" option.


After clicking the "New Property" option, the screen shot below will show.

New Property for Google Analytics

Choose which analytics option you would like to use.  Type in the Website name and the website url in the appropriate spots.  You can optionally choose the industry category and reporting time zone, then click "Get Tracking ID".  This will give you the Site ID you'll be looking for.

*Note: These are screens from google analytics and can change at anytime.  If you would like more in depth knowledge on how to set up google analytics, please go to:

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Google Analytics Service

Google Analytics Screen

You can retrieve these three fields when you have a google analytics account. 

  • Email: Enter in the Email you are using for the google analytics platform.
  • Password: Enter the Password you entered in the google analytics platform.
  • Site ID: Enter the Site ID given to you when you've signed up for google analytics.

Click "Submit" and you're set up.