Proof(s) Review & Approval Agreement

Please read this agreement and review your proofs carefully.


The proof of your artwork is intended for content and position only. The colors shown are only approximated on any computer monitor or laser print.  Color appearance may vary from computer to computer depending on color, contrast, and brightness settings on each computer, and surrounding lighting conditions.


As the customer, you are solely responsible for final approval of this proof and for certifying its adequacy and accuracy.

The replicator is not responsible in any manner for any asserted printing or design errors, where the printing or design conforms to the approved proof. Any requested changes from the approved proof may only be made at the customer's

sole cost and expense at a minimum charge of 15 minutes billing time. The replicator shall not be held liable for delays to customer job(s) caused by change requests subsequent to approval.

Turn Times

Our standard turn time is +/- 7-14 working days plus freight transit time AFTER approval of your art . 

Turn times may vary depending on time of year. Freight time is an ADDITIONAL 2-5 working days. Working days are Monday-Friday


You agree to pay the full amount of the estimate prior to shipping (under any circumstance) and/or any other 

monetary amounts discussed with sales rep. 


Elite Media Design not responsible for lost shipments due to carrier problems. 

Please review the following:

❑ Any issues noted in the email to which the electronic proof is attached.

❑ The content and positions of all graphic elements are correct.

❑ The positions of all text elements are correct.

❑ The contents of all text elements are correct.

❑ The ink colors listed are correct.

❑ The color breaks are correct. Note: this is not a contract proof, therefore it is not a color match.

❑ All fonts used are the correct fonts.

❑ All desired graphics and text elements have been included.

❑ All elements of the electronic proof are accurate, correct and complete.

By approving via email or fax this proof for production, you affirm the following:

You understand and agree to all of the above.

You understand that what is shown in the proof is what will be printed by the replicator

and give the replicator authorization to print this job in its final form in accordance with the

electronic proof.

Please contact Elite Media Design if you have questions or concerns involving this policy.